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Few modern technological advances have had such an immediate and profound effect on communications as the exponential growth of the world wide web! Today, it is essential to have a web presence, to be prepared to keep up with the rapidly changing global economy and communications standards. And without a doubt, it is the most cost-effective promotional and informational tool available to your company or association.

We offer you our years of experience as artists and web designers, as well as our experience in working with groups and individuals to first determine your needs and expectations before beginning the design process.

A well-designed, informative, interactive web site can:

  • Provide your viewers with easily accessible, clear information on your company or organization, without tying up your phone lines, your fax machines, and your staff.
  • Offer a highly cost-effective advertising tool if you believe web users and your potential customers/supporters are one in the same.
  • Clearly identify your company/organization as aggressively keeping up with the changing world.
  • Attract new customers/users to your door, including those from afar!
  • Provide an additional sales outlet, with very little overhead or increased staff requirements, especially if you are already set up to deal with other direct marketing tools.
  • Provide non-profit groups with a visually enticing documentation of your programs and efforts on behalf of your community, and an effective fundraising tool within the corporate and general communities.
  • Be attractive to both web visitors and to the very important search engines.

DESIGN OPTIONS - Check out our Cost Estimate Page for more details.

A variety of design options are open to you. If you are new to the web or want a completely different approach to your current web site, we can provide the graphics and html, javascript, and/or flash designs to make your ideas a reality.

However, if you are satisfied with your current site layout, we can also provide a more modest re-design, responding perhaps to a new logo and colours. Or if your site has grown over time, and collected a number of design approaches, we can help you refresh your site and give it a consistent professional look throughout.

OTHER SERVICES - Check out our Cost Estimate Page for more details.

We can also provide many of your web site's photographic and photo manipulation needs. We specialize in electronic photography, colour correction, restoration and other digital alterations. We also can convert your existing graphic and photographic images to a high quality digital format.

If you need help in writing or proof-reading text for your site, on an occasional or on-going basis, we can help. If you wish to incorporate new media into your web site, from instructional video to pod casts to online forms, we have the experience.

And if you need help in promoting your site, we can provide you with a wide variety of on-line and related services and advice, including the optimization of your site to fit exactly the data collection procedures of each major search engine. Having a web site that well represents your activity is just the first step. Helping visitors to find your web site, and getting them to visit and come back is what will make the internet a success story for you.



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