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Arachnophobia? There are two very distinct groups of web users which have very different and often opposing needs: your human clientele, and the search engine robots which are spidering - and ranking - your web site pages.

People want clean clear information, short and to the point. Mechanical spiders count the number of times you use the same word and/or phrase, and on that basis, rank your page and determine your position in search engine results.

The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is finding the best balance between those competing interests. We use our writing skills to help you effectively communicate with both people and spiders, with prior advice and with hands-on editing and reformatting if required.

We help you organize your information, focusing on a few important points per internet page. And we provide our design skills to incorporate graphics, images, headings and sub-headings which allow you to repeat your key words without appearing to be redundant and repetitive.

Not every page needs to be optimized for search engines. We help you determine your key products/goals/ideas and design individual pages to work as portals to the rest of your web site.

Sadly, a brilliantly written and intelligent page can be lost amongst the billions of other internet pages available to users world-wide. We can help make sure that it is found, found easily, and found often.


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